Colomba Profiteroles 750g

Experience a slice of Italian Easter tradition at Carlo Delicatessen with the Bauli Colomba Profiteroles. This 750g gourmet cake transforms the iconic springtime Colomba into a dessert lover's delight. It features a luxuriously soft yeast dough enriched with a 17% filling of vanilla cream and is elegantly crowned with a generous 18% milk chocolate glaze. The cake is further embellished with 7% crispy cream puffs, adding a delightful contrast to the moist and tender base. Enjoy this festive Italian treat, expertly crafted by Bauli, a renowned name in Italian baking. Ideal for your Easter celebrations or as a sophisticated gift, the Colomba Profiteroles is now available at Carlo Delicatessen, your go-to vendor for authentic Italian delicacies.